Authentic Indian Food – Classic Indian Cuisine in Terrace BC


Traditional Ingredients

The spices and flavourings, rice and
lentils, beans and peas, and choice
meats, are just a few of the ingredients
when making our Indian Cuisine.

Secret Recipies

Cuisine differs across India’s diverse
regions and our family brings the best of
Indian Cuisine to each and every dish.
Our family recipes are full of fresh
ingredients and full of flavour.

Incredible Flavor

Taste our heavenly Butter Chicken,
Chole Bhature made of chick peas and
spice, Chana Masala, Chapthi bread,
Dal dish with assorted lentils, Tandoor-
baked soft Naan flatbread, or our
popular Palak Paneer.

Haryana’s Restaurant | Indian Cuisine | Terrace BC

We serve authentic Indian food prepared using traditional methods. We are about staple Indian curries, tandoori breads and Indian rice preparations. We ensure a memorable Indian food dining experience.

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  • 15 Apr 2019: “Haryana’s Restaurant on the extreme west end of Terrace is an excellent place to savour the…” more
  • 5 Apr 2019: “Fantastic Indian restaurant in Terrace. Started with the veggie samosas which were spicy and tasty! Beef…” more
  • 9 Jul 2018: “The food is worth the wait, all handmade with love and pride. You will not find…” more
  • 24 Jun 2018: “We dinned in and ordered the butter chicken, vegetable somosas, and garlic naan – all delicious!…” more

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